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Frequently Asked Questions

1- How can I find out if Redheads Duo is available on the day of my event?

You can use the “Check Availability Now - Get a quote” facility on this website. Alternatively, you can call on 07453205504 and ask directly!

2- I would like to have some live music for the ceremony / drinks reception / garden reception / sit down meal… Can you help?

Yes, we can! If you are having a sit-down meal or simply a drinks reception and you want some live background music to create an atmosphere we are prepared to cover different music situations. 

Redheads Duo offers 2 sets of 45 minutes each of live background instrumental music. The line up consists of voice and guitar. Other line ups can be available on request. The music covered is jazz, pop, ballads and easy listening and it is intended to be 'backgroundy' and unobtrusive. 

3- Can Redheads Duo play outside?

Outside is fine as long as the performance area is level, safe, stable, covered and not exposed to the elements. However, just playing in a garden with nothing over our heads is a big health and safety no-no.

4- Can we give you our own playlist to be played in between sets?

Yes, just let us know in advance!

5- Will the Duo learn a first dance for my wedding?

Yes, of course.
We believe that your wedding is a very special day and we understand that you have a special song that you and your partner want to dance to. It would be our pleasure to learn that song for you and play it live on the day, provided we have 3 months notice.

6- Does Redheads Duo have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, for sure. As professional musicians we are covered for any accident may happen during the day.

7- What happens when the Duo is on break?

Redheads Duo take great pride in ensuring that appropriate filler music is played from the very moment we come off stage until the very moment we come back from the break. Similarly, we will also ensure music is played before the first set and at the end of the live performance. Please note these playlists have been pre-mixed and it is therefore not possible to play requests as a DJ would. Should requests be important to you, a separate manned DJ option can be booked in addition for the rest of the night.

8- Do you provide a DJ Option?

Redheads Duo can help you to book a separate DJ set if you’d like some party music going on at the end of our performance live and take requests from you and your guests. Please ask about it and for more details in your enquiry.

 9- I am worried that the Duo will be late or let me down and cancel on me!

That is simply not going to happen.
Redheads is a professional Duo and trust us when we say that we allow plenty of time for any journey, allow for any unexpected accidents, extra traffic, fuel stops, etc. If anything, we are going to be early! And, when it comes to cancelling, Redheads Duo have a team of trained understudies who know our Repertoire inside out, are fully professional, of a high standard, rehearsed up and ready to go. So, even if the guitarist should have a broken wrist and the singer should lose her voice on the day of your event, you needn’t worry! Cancellation is just not an option when you are dealing with professionals.

10- What do we need to provide the Duo with on the day of the performance?

At the time of booking, we will issue you with a Contract and a Duo Rider. The contract will specify logistics and all the details you want in writing, whilst the Duo Rider will help you ensure that the event is a success. Please understand that having a Rider does not make us “divas”. The Rider is a professional measure to ensure you know what is required (electrical, parking, backstage requirements etc) to ensure that everyone is happy on the day and no crisis strike out when you find out that there are no electricity sockets near the stage area. 

11- Can we tell the Duo what songs we want to hear on the night?

You can give the Duo an indication of what style you want them to concentrate on (ie Swing for the first set, Jazz for the second set), but you will not be able to dictate all of the songs that the Duo is to play or the order they have to be played in. Of course, if there are few songs in the Repertoire that you want to ensure are definitely played, then please do let us know.

12- I see you are based in London, UK. Do you travel abroad for an event?

Travel is not a problem.
For quotes for events outside the UK, it is best to phone the 07453205504, rather than using the GET A QUOTE Facility on this website.

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